So just who are ......'Revival Blues' ?

Calum McRae

Hailing from a small rural fishing village on the west coast of Scotland (Clydebank). Calum is the voice of Revival Blues, he is the champion of the obscure Blues and Soul classics. Driving the band to not always take the most obvious choices when it comes to selecting a great song. He also is the owner of the worst between song banter you will witness this side of Freuchie.


Hugh Coulter

Or as we call him 'Hugh'!

He is the master of the six string, whether it is the authentic sound of a screaming electric blues solo or the intimate pleasure of an acoustic number. Hugh is your man. And if that wasn't enough he can even restore the French Polish on your Aunty Beril's old side board so it would dazzle Fiona Bruce on a rainy day outside Glamis Castle!


Alan Galbraith

Our Keyboards wizard (he has a cape!) is a man of many talents not only is he a gifted musician but is also the bands arranger & musical director, what he can't tell you about a pentatonic scale isn't worth mentioning. He often combines his love of music with his other great passion.

So if you are passed by a cyclist playing the music for the 'Gay Gordons' on a small keyboard that will be our Alan.


Iain Lammer

Iain is the newest member of the group, a very talented and experienced musician. Whose weapon of choice is the 4 string electric bass and along with the drummer Iain, they make for a tight rhythm section, it just gets a bit confusing when you shout Iain and get two "What?"s back.

We are really going to have to rename one!



Iain Chalmers

Our drummer Iain prides himself on being the only member of the group that hits round things! Which he does occasionally in time with the music. His ability to count up to 4 is great for starting songs, the problems generally start when we try to get him to stop.


Food In The Park

Blair Atholl 03.06.17


Some fantastic new shots of the band in action at a truly amazing event,

Many thanks to Thomas McRae for these superb shots.

The West Port Bar & Kitchen

St Andrews 06.10.17


Some fantastic new shots of the guys chilling playing Blues & Soul acoustic style.

Many thanks to Julia Coulter for these great shots,


Other Shots


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